Freeport Memorial Library Best Sellers Club

How It Works:
Join the Library's Best Seller Club and you will automatically be placed on the reserve list for up to 20 popular authors you choose from our list. While we can't guarantee how fast you'll get each book, extra copies will be ordered of each title in proportion to the number of reserves placed. Staff at the Freeport Memorial Library will inform you when you have a new release to pick up!

How to Join:
Complete the form below or pick up a Best Sellers Club form from any public service desk in the Library. Paper forms can be submitted at the Circulation or Reference desks.

More About the Service
This service is available to Freeport Memorial Library cardholders only and is for unreleased titles. Please pick up books promptly when notified of their availability. Because of their popularity, these books are in high demand. We ask that you be considerate of those who are waiting.

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Please Check Box if you want the Best Sellers Club Books in Large Type Only

Alers, Rochelle
Andrews, V.C.
Archer, Jeffrey
Baldacci, David
Binchy, Maeve
Block, Lawrence
Bradford, Barbara Taylor
Braun, Lillian Jackson
Brown, Dan
Brown, Sandra
Burke, James Lee
Carr, Caleb
Child, Lee
Child, Lincoln
Cisneros, Sandra
Clancy, Tom
Clark, Carol Higgins
Clark, Mary Higgins
Cleage, Pearl
Coben, Harlan
Collins, Jackie
Collins, Joan
Connelly, Michael
Conroy, Pat
Cook, Robin
Cooper, J. California
Cornwell, Patricia
Coulter, Catherine
Cussler, Clive
Danticat, Edwidge
Deaver, Jeffrey
Delinsky, Barbara
Demille, Nelson
Deveraux, Jude
Dickey, Jerome
Evanovich, Janet
Evans, Nicholas
Fairstein, Linda
Follett, Ken
Gabaldon, Diane
Garcia Marquez, Gabriel
George, Elizabeth
Gerritsen, Tess
Grafton, Sue
Griffin, W.E.B.
Grisham, John
Hiaasen, Carl
Hoag, Tami
Irving, John
Isaacs, Susan
James, P.D.
Kellerman, Faye
Kellerman, Jonathan
Monk, Sue Kidd
King, Stephen
Koontz, Dean
Krantz, Judith
Lecarre, John
Lescroart, John
Lindsey, Johanna
Lowell, Elizabeth
Macomber, Debbie
Margolin, Philip
McCulough, Colleen
McFadden, Bernice
McMillan, Terry
McNaught, Judith
Michael, Judith
Michaels, Fern
Morrison, Toni
Mosley, Walter
Paretsky, Sara
Parker, Robert
Patterson, James
Patterson, Richard North
Perry, Anne
Phelan, Tom
Picoult, Jodi
Pilcher, Rosamunde
Plain, Belva
Quick, Amanda
Quindlen, Anna
Robb, J.D.
Roberts, Nora
Roby, Kimberla Lawson
Roth, Philip
Sandford, John
Scottoline, Lisa
Siddons, Anne River
Silva, Daniel
Smith, Alexander McCall
Sparks, Nicholas
Steel, Danielle
Tan, Amy
Todd, Charles
Turow, Scott
Tyler, Anne
Tyree, Omar
Walker, Alice
Woods, Stuart

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